General Pottery: Wednesday Evening – Semester 1


Description: A course to teach basic pottery building techniques and decorative methods to complete them. The course will cover hand building with slabs, coils and moulds and wheelwork. The fee includes a $20 levy for the use of the Centre resources. There will be a small additional fee for firing. (No casual enrolments.)
Requirements: Safety glasses and mask. Enclosed shoes to be worn. An apron is also recommended. Clay and Beginner’s Tool Sets can be purchased at the Centre.

Tutors: Kristine Nunn and Wendy Whearem
Duration: 16 weeks
Start Date: 14th February 2024
Day & Time: Wednesday 7.30 – 9.30 pm

Semester one 2024 enrolments will open 30th January.

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Crèche: The crèche is not available for this session.

Introducing the tutor, Kris Nunn: My Pottery life began when we first came to Australia in 1969 and I enrolled at Bentley to do a hobby pottery course. I was immediately hooked and before I knew it was building myself a kiln out of house bricks with a oil drip burner powered by a vacuum cleaner motor. I manage to get this kiln up to 900°, which was a miracle. Also nearly burnt the house down! For glazes I would sift the ash from the fireplace, dig up granite dust from Maddington mine site, plus a few other odds and ends. Needs must when you’re poor!
Bentley TAFE was followed by three years at Forrestfield TAFE and another three years later at Midland TAFE. During the time, my husband built me a small studio in the back garden which had to be quadrupled in size within the year. A good friend also designed and built me a wonderful pottery wheel which I wish I still had. When my father passed he left a little money for me with which I bought a brand-new electric kiln. With all this at my fingertips my career as a physical education teacher gave way to full-time potting.
In the early days, I spent a lot of time taking pots around to festivals. The first one I think was the Hyde Park festival which was huge in those days . It was so exciting to think people wanted to buy my work. A big event for me each year was the first weekend in December, when my garden which backed onto Jorgensen Park was full of hydrangeas and jacarandas and I would have an open garden – Pottery Display. My friends and neighbours would come and help and we would serve everyone champagne and fruit kebabs and nibbles and it was quite to a social affair. As time went on my husband built an indoor studio for displaying my work at home and this went on for several years.
After 30 years, I had run out of new ideas and I had several grandchildren needing my attention, so I stopped! I had no regrets. I’d had a wonderful time. However the Learning Centre needed a teacher so every Thursday I would keep my hand in, enjoying sharing my experiences. Several years later, here, I am back again, as enthusiastic as ever, especially now with Pinterest to give me so many more new ideas. Added to that, the best thing of all is to have so many lovely people to spend time with at the Learning Centre.
Introducing the tutor, Wendy Whearem: I started doing pottery about 40 years ago, and have had many other interests over the years. I have always enjoyed drawing and painting. I have done several courses, at private studios, TAFE and Community Centres. Plants and gardens are another passion of mine.
I started coming to the Learning centre about 16 years ago. I have done painting, drawing, silk painting courses here, and have enjoyed them all.
I decided to try the pottery group 12 years ago. I had my creative juices stirred again, had a very good tutor who always had a new project to try, and I really enjoy the hand building side of it.
Now as a tutor myself, it is very rewarding to see people learn new things and to see how pleased they are with their achievements.

Wendy and Kris
A display of the wonderful pottery projects from the three pottery classes, semester 1 2023

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