About our Book Clubs

Book Clubs meet at the Centre every three weeks. Details of times and days are available on our Timetable.

We also hire sets of books to Book Clubs located throughout Western Australia, details as follows.


A Full set (12 books) costs $36.00 to hire, plus $12 postage.

A Half set (6 books) costs $18.00, plus $12.00 postage.

Extra books – between 7 & 11 copies – cost $3.00 per book.

Our minimum hire is SIX books. Lost books charges are $20 per book.

Borrowing details

Books may be borrowed for a maximum of six weeks, with fees paid in advance.

Book Clubs are asked to submit a list of at least 20 books for the year, in order of preference. Whilst popular books can be difficult to supply at times, we do try to meet your requests.

During school holidays books will be posted as normal. Book Clubs who collect from the Centre may make special arrangements for collection.

Visits to the Centre are welcome. Our opening times for borrowing are weekdays between 9.30am to 2.30pm. Please find us here.

A list of books available to hire can be found here.

For more information please contact the Centre.