Q: Do I have to enrol online?
A: YES! Everyone has to enrol online.  Even if you come to the Centre during enrolment week, you will be enrolled online.  There is no other way to be enrolled in a class.

Q: Do I need an email address to enrol?
A: Yes, like all online enrolment programs you must have a unique email account, one that you do not share with another member. If you don’t have an email account you may need to create one, use one from a close family member (not already a member of the Centre) who will pass any information on to you or come in to the Centre and we will assist you.

Q: Do I need to enrol if I am only attending as a Casual student?
A: Yes, everyone who attends a course run by the Centre must be enrolled.

Q. Why can’t I find the ‘Casual’ option for the course I wish to enrol in?
A. Not all courses offer casual enrolment for a variety of reasons (e.g. the course is a series of tutorials or there is a space restriction on class numbers). If the course does allow casual enrolment there will be a drop-down box offering that option.

Q: Why am I unable to Place My Order?
A: You must have a current Membership subscription in your cart or your account before adding courses. The Membership subscription is paid once a calendar year (if this was paid in the first semester, you will not need to add it for a second-semester enrolment). At the checkout, you will need to acknowledge and accept the Terms and Conditions and indicate that you are fully vaccinated. All members attending Kalamunda Community Learning Centre must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19.

Q: What if I have put a course in my cart and would now like to remove it?
A: There is a red cross on the left hand side of each item in your cart.  If you want to remove it from your cart, click on the red cross.

Q: How do I use my coupon?
A: In the Cart – click into the box on the left hand side of the APPLY COUPON box, as shown below and type your voucher number in here, then press APPLY COUPON 

If you miss entering this at the cart, there is a second opportunity on the Checkout page – At the top of the page look for “Have a coupon?” as shown below.

Q: How will I know if I’m enrolled in my chosen class?
A: Once you have checked out, the screen will show you a summary with an Order No. This will also be emailed to the email address you registered. If you opted to pay via Cash, Cheque or Direct Transfer, then the enrolment is not complete until the Centre has received payment in full. Once your payment has been processed you will receive a second email informing you that your order has been Completed. You can also log into your account and view your orders in ‘My Account’.

Q: Who has to sign-up for a Workgroup?
A: All members who have enrolled as a full-time member in any class must select a Workgroup. Members need only select one workgroup, irrespective of how many courses they are enrolled in. Members who are only enrolled as a Casual do not need to select a Workgroup, although many do as they enjoy contributing to this community of volunteers. Tutors are exempt from workgroups and an exemption is available for members in ill health, but this must be approved. Please note that being elderly is not considered a valid reason.

Q: If I have a question about the online enrolment process and I’m not enrolling at the Centre, what can I do?
A: You can ring the Centre on 9293 2977 during office hours and someone will try and help you over the phone or you can come down to the Centre where there will be people there to take you step-by-step through online enrolment.

HAVE ANY OTHER QUESTIONS? Email kclc@kclc.org.au.