Sing Your Heart Out – Semester 1

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Description: SYHO is for anyone who knows that singing with others makes them feel good. There is no need to read music or to see yourself as a singer.
Singing with a group is quite different from singing alone and requires keen listening and blending of all the voices to produce a unified sound. Bliss!
Jo chooses songs from around the world and in many different styles – songs which lend themselves to harmony in three or four parts. We start gently, with gorgeous rounds and simple part songs.
You will be warmly welcomed – all ages and voices. Jo is excited that we will be meeting close to the crêche, allowing parents or carers of young children to join us again in 2021.
We sing a variety of songs in parts from across the world, learning by ear and sometimes from a score. All welcome.
Requirements: File for song sheets and water. A small fee is charged each semester to cover photocopying costs.

Tutor: Jo Randell
Start Date: 16th march
Duration: 14 weeks
Day & Time: Tuesday 12.45pm
Location: KCC:Mirda/Yoont (halls 1 & 2)