Philosophy Discussion Group – Semester 2


Description: Reading and discussion on papers and articles presented by the tutor.
Requirements: An open mind!

Tutor: Gerard Tonks
Duration: 16 weeks
Start Date: 30th July 2024
Day & Time: Tuesday 12.45 pm – 2:45 pm

Semester one 2024 enrolments are now closed. Semester two enrolments will open 9.30 am Tuesday 16th July. 
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For a more detailed explanation of the scope of this course please check out the tutor’s comments on the Reviews button.

Crèche: The crèche is not available for this session.

1 review for Philosophy Discussion Group – Semester 2

  1. bpasottiҘ

    When curious men and women get together to look at what philosophers (e.g. Plato and Aristotle) have said on the past and what they (e.g. Mary Midgely, Roger Scruton, Peter Singer) are saying now, the discussion is lively and fun as opinions are expressed.

    ‘What is Reality?’; ‘Is Human Reason Supreme?’; ‘How Logical is Logic?’; Who decides on Standards of Morals and Ethics?’.

    ‘An optimist thinks that this is the best of all possible worlds! A pessimist fears that this is so!”

    The optimist says, ‘The glass is half full’.
    The pessimist says, ‘The glass is half empty’.
    The rationalist says, ‘This glass is twice as big as it needs to be’.

    That makes it clear as glass!

    These are examples of the wonderful world of thinking.

    Gerard, Tutor

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