Calligraphy Skills and Projects – Semester 1

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Description: For new and experienced calligraphers mastering one or more hands, styles or techniques in ink, watercolour and/or gouache.

Requirements: Pencil sharpener, eraser, craft scissors, trimming blade, pen holder & speedball, C3 C2 C1 graph paper, long ruler, protractor, 2b 4B pencil, black fine liner, A3 Westart layout Pad, low adhesive tape, compass, carpenters pencil, display frame.
Click on link below for a printable copy of the requirement list.
Calligraphy Skills and Projects – Course Requirements

Tutor: Janelle MacGregor
Start Date: 15th March
Day & Time: Monday 9.45am
Location: KCC: Djenal (white)