Workgroup Volunteering

A vital aspect of the smooth running of Kalamunda Community Learning Centre is the commitment of all members, who attend any courses as full-time class members, to volunteer in some way at the Centre. These tasks are vital in the day-to-day operation of the Centre and help us to keep our course costs so low.

Members need only volunteer for one task irrespective of how many courses they are enrolled in. Members choose their volunteer task within a Workgroup according to their interests – we only ask that you turn up with a smile!

Exemptions are given to members in ill health and Long Service Leave can be granted to those over 80 years of age, however we encourage everyone to contribute where they can.

For an overview of the workgroups available, please click here to view a copy of the Workgroup brochure.

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Creche Roster - Semester One 2023


Help our wonderful creche staff to care for the children. You will be able to indicate the days of the week and times when you are available and the creche staff will contact you to arrange specific dates.

The Crèche Roster commitment will be for two crèche sessions during the semester. This commitment will require volunteers to assist in supervising children in the crèche during a shift (9.30 am to 11.45am or 12.30 pm to 2.45pm) on their chosen days, including watching and playing with the children, helping with crafts, preparing morning tea (volunteers will not to be required to change nappies). You can bring your own children with you when you are on the roster. Your attendance on rosters is very important to ensure that the crèche can continue operating. Please help us to keep the crèche viable by honouring your roster commitments. Members who select this option will be asked in the first couple of weeks of term to ensure they have put their name down on the roster. If you are unable to do your roster shift, please inform crèche staff to rearrange your roster date. Anyone not arriving for their assigned roster shift will be asked to reschedule an alternative roster date.

Please Note: Members who select this workgroup and do not have a child on the creche need to have a current 'Working with Children Check' card or have a receipt of application. Application forms will be available for you at the creche and we will assist you to complete these. The Centre will pay the application fee.

For more information on this workgroup, please click on the link: KCLC Helping in the Creche as your Workgroup 2023

Creche roster (dates to be arranged)
Available Spots Item Details
#1: Filled Wednesday AM, Thursday AM, Friday AM
#2: Filled Tuesday Am or Pm Wednesday Pm
#3: Filled Mondays AM & PM,
#4: Filled Thursday or Friday mornings
#5: Filled Tuesday or Friday am
#6: Filled Friday morning
#7: Filled Friday morning
#8: Filled Mondays PM or Wednesdays AM
#9: Filled Discuss with Creche Leader
#10: Filled Mondays, or Fridays I can jump in and help 🙂
#11: Filled Monday, Tuesday, Friday mornings
#12: Filled Mon AM, Wed AM, Thur AM
#13: Filled Fridays am
#14: Filled Monday Morning
#15: Filled Monday am or pm
#16: Filled Monday , Wednesday or Friday AM
#17: Filled Monday am and pm, Tuesday am
#18: Filled Tuesdays & thursdays am
#19: Filled Tuesday morning or Wed morning most ideal as I'm at teh centre in the afternoon. If I cancel at late notice its because I've been offered a day of paid work. Other days I'm ok too. I can do 14th Feb, 15th Feb
#20: Filled Either Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday mornings.