Workgroup Volunteering

A vital aspect of the smooth running of Kalamunda Community Learning Centre is the commitment of all members, who attend any courses as full-time class members, to volunteer in some way at the Centre. These tasks are vital in the day-to-day operation of the Centre and help us to keep our course costs so low.

Members need only volunteer for one task irrespective of how many courses they are enrolled in. Members choose their volunteer task within a Workgroup according to their interests – we only ask that you turn up with a smile!

Exemptions are given to members in ill health and Long Service Leave can be granted to those over 80 years of age, however we encourage everyone to contribute where they can.

For an overview of the workgroups available, please click here to view a copy of the Workgroup brochure.

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First Aid Kit Maintenance


We need someone to check the First Aid kit in the office and make a note on the board in the office if some items need replenishing.

You will need to do this at the beginning of each month during the Semester

All spots have been filled.

Check and replenish First Aid Kit in the Office, at the beginning of each month for the full Semester
Available Spots
#1: Filled