Workgroup Volunteering

A vital aspect of the smooth running of Kalamunda Community Learning Centre is the commitment by all members to volunteer in some way at the Centre. Our members choose their volunteer task within a Workgroup according to their interests – we only ask that you turn up with a smile! Exemptions are given to members in ill health. By the way, old age is not regarded as ill health – our oldest volunteer is well over 90!

For an overview of the Workgroups available, please click here to download a copy of the Semester One Workgroups brochure.

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Creche Roster 3: Roster Exemption - Semester 2 2022


Parents or Grandparents who are enrolled in a course full-time and are registered to use the services of the creche can choose to pay $5 per session to the creche staff rather than sign-up for the Creche Roster Workgroup. (All full-time members who have children in the creche should be registered for either the Creche Roster or this Creche Roster Exemption, unless they are assisting at the Centre in an administrative role.)

Creche Roster Exemption Semester 1. To qualify for this exemption you will need to pay $5 to the creche staff each week.
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