The Way We Are – Semester 2


Description: Our Current Society – How did it evolve?  How best to manage it? What changes do we want? How to achieve them? Societies consist of diverse individuals who exist in interdependent groups. Each group is united by culture and wary of other groups with a different culture. Societies are constrained by geography, nature, technology, culture and economics. Each Society struggles to achieve Happiness within these constraints and in competition with other Societies. Preference will be given to continuing class members: new students might be able to enrol after the 17th of July if there are positions available. There are no casual positions available for this course.

Tutor: Dave Fisher
Duration: 16 weeks
Start Date: 31st July 2024
Day & Time: Wednesday 12.45 – 2.45 pm

Semester one 2024 enrolments are now closed. Semester two enrolments will open 9.30 am Tuesday 16th July. 

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Crèche: The crèche is not available for this session.

Tutor introduction, Dave FisherBeing born as a Civil Engineer in UK at a very early age allowed me to live and work in several different countries before I retired.
Living in diverse cultures, with different political and economic systems aroused my interest in how different societies developed and function.
Studying for an MBA introduced me to the academic side of psychology, economics, sociology, law, politics and philosophy;  all of which I have actively investigated since I retired  20 years ago.

Dave Fisher