Tai Chi Advanced – Friday – Semester 2


Description: This class continues our growth in Tai chi/Qigong skills with new exercises, the full Set of Tai chi, as well as some different forms of Qigong which will continue to improve our breathing, balance and relaxed wellbeing. Preference is given to continuing class members. No beginners.
Requirements: Participants must have completed at least two years with KCLC and have reasonable competency with the Set. Refer to Further Details for full requirements.

Tutors: Mike and Ranee Jefferson
Duration: 16 weeks
Start Date: 2nd August 2024
Day & Time: Friday 9.15 – 10.50 am

Semester one 2024 enrolments are now closed. Semester two enrolments will open 9.30 am Tuesday 16th July. 
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Requirements: Acceptance and continuation in the advanced class is subject to an informal assessment by the tutor as are applicants who have done Tai chi elsewhere. Members are encouraged to wear our Tai Chi ‘uniform’.
Crèche: The crèche is not available for this session.

1 review for Tai Chi Advanced – Friday – Semester 2

  1. bpasottiҘ

    Friday’s class of committed “Tai-Chiers” have enjoyed this first semester. The time has simply flown by.

    Our teacher, Mike, has introduced new movements to keep us on our toes. We are now all flying like wild geese, pushing waves and riding a rollercoaster. The names of the movements are indicative of our body motions (we hope). We are also learning to pay more attention to our breathing. The key words being slowly and deeply. Not always easy.

    Finally, we continue to perfect The Set that Tom taught us. No matter bow many times we do it, one lapse in concentration can prove disastrous. I like to think that Tom is looking down on us and smiling at our efforts

    A huge Thank You to Mike who gives so much time to the three Tai Chi classes at KCLC. Where would we be without him?

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