40th Birthday Celebrations

Mike’s Masterpiece

It’s now 40 years since the Centre began
When a group of young mothers gave birth to a plan
To reach much further in their lives
Than domestic demands of mothers and wives.

So with this idea and energy to burn
They determined their goal was to live and learn
And the place they were offered is here where we are
The former golf club at Kalamunda.

The building was great but in poor repair
But energised women gave it lots of care
They now had a place away from home
And their children too had room of their own

They named it Kalamunda Women’s Learning Centre,
Then called for tutors in How,What, Where, When?
Like Massage, Weaving, Pottery too,
Women, Change in Society to name a few.

From the beginning demand outstripped supply
Enrolments to join expand and multiply
More and different subjects help to meet the need
Encouraging learners and helping them succeed.

These early years soon set in place
Great learning groups and children’s space
And wanting to expand and grow
They invited men to join their show.

Many tutorss have given their time
An experience many say was sublime
We remember courses given with grace
Establishing the warm soul of this place.

Today’s student role is 700 plus
Yet the whole thing happens with little fuss
The old enrolment day of tickets and queue
Has succumbed to computers and a “click or two”.

This old building is almost full
Yet we cannot resist the future’s pull
Grand plans for a new Centre are now on show
And we wait for the ‘tick” to make it so.

Those first young mothers could not know
That their baby project would continue to grow
And now 40 years have come and gone
Yet the vision and the project keep moving on.