Workgroup Volunteering

A vital aspect of the smooth running of Kalamunda Community Learning Centre is the commitment by all members to volunteer in some way at the Centre. Our members choose their volunteer task within a Workgroup according to their interests – we only ask that you turn up with a smile! Exemptions are given to members in ill health. By the way, old age is not regarded as ill health – our oldest volunteer is well over 90!

For an overview of the Workgroups available, please click here to download a copy of the current Workgroups brochure.

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Office Pack Up - Semsester 1


With the exciting move into the new building, assistance will be needed to pack up and move office supplies and other resources. As we have not yet been advised of the date we can move into the new Kalamunda Community Centre we cannot yet allocate a date for this activity. Please indicate at the bottom of the 'Sign me Up' page which days and times (am/pm) you are most likely to be available and you will be contacted.

Worgroup Leader: Bridget Hogarth

Office Pack Up and move to the new building
Available Spots Item Details
#1: Filled Mondays am & pm or Tuesday pm after canasta
#2: Filled Any time
#3: Filled most of the time
#4: Filled Available Tuesday am, Wednesday am and pm.
#5: Filled Anytime
#6: Filled Available Mon, Tue or Wed.