U Ken Play – Semester 2


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Description: “U Ken Play” is a course to develop ukulele skills to an intermediate level. It will focus on understanding ukuleles, basic music theory, and developing skills to play simple songs well for your enjoyment as a solo performer, or as a member of a group or band. We will play selected songs to help develop our skills but no general singalong sessions. With a bit of patience and a lot of practice U Ken Play the ukulele — and we will. (No casual positions available.)
Requirements: Participants will need to have a ukulele and be familiar with basic chords. Teaching notes will be provided, and support equipment will be available including some support stands.
Tutor: David Fisher
Start Date: 6th August, 2021
Duration: 16 weeks
Day & Time: Friday 12.45 – 2.45pm

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