Tai Chi Advanced and Continuing – Fri AM – Semester 1 (Casual)


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Description: This class continues our growth in Tai chi/Qigong skills with new exercises, the full Set of Tai chi, as well as some different forms of Qigong which will continue to improve our breathing, balance and relaxed well being. Please note start time below.
Requirements: It is assumed that participants have completed the KCLC Beginners course.
Non restrictive/stretchable clothing is required with flat shoes or bare feet.
Note: Participants are encouraged to wear our KCLC Tai chi ‘uniform’. This will be explained in class.
The creche is not available for this class.

This course may be opened to casual enrolments if the full-time capacity is not filled.

Please Note: All Casual members need to purchase Casual tickets from the Reception Desk before attending this class.

Tutor: Mike Jefferson
Start Date: 19th March
Day & Time: Friday 9.00 – 10.30am
Location: KCC: Mirda/ Yoont (halls 1 & 2)