Sing Your Heart Out – Semester 2 (Casual)


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Description: SYHO is for anyone who knows that singing with others makes them feel good. Singing with a group is quite different from singing alone and requires keen listening and blending of all the voices to produce a unified sound. Bliss! Jo chooses songs from around the world and in many different styles – songs which lend themselves to harmony in three or four parts.  You will be warmly welcomed – all ages and voices.
Requirements: File for song sheets and water. A small fee is charged each semester to cover photocopying costs.

Please Note: All Casual members need to purchase Casual tickets from the Reception Desk before attending this class.

Tutor: Jo Randell
Start Date: 3rd August, 2021
Duration: 16 weeks (Subject to Covid restrictions.)
Day & Time: Tuesday 12.45 – 2.45pm

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