Easy Meals: Plant-Based Cooking – Semester 1


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Description: Would you like to cut down on meat and dairy products but aren’t sure where to begin? There are many reasons for introducing more plant-based meals into your diet and your health, the environment and the animals will all thank you for it. You may feel it is all too difficult to change a lifetime of using meat and dairy in cooking but introducing a few plant-based meals per week into your diet can inspire you to start learning more innovative cooking skills and will mean you are contributing to a better world and a healthier you. This beginner course will focus on main meal cooking and show you how to substitute animal products with healthier, humane and more sustainable alternatives. In the first lesson, all students will be given a list of meals and each person will pick one they would like to cook, so everyone has some say in what will be offered on the course and will be involved in the cooking of ‘their’ meal. A levy of $25 to cover the cost of ingredients plus $5 per person for photocopies of recipes and other useful and informative handouts is included in the course cost. (There are no casual positions available for this course).
Requirements: It is essential at the start of the course that students inform the tutor of any allergies or foods that can cause a stomach upset for themself.
· Many plant-based recipes require the use of a food processor and blender. To continue with plant-based cooking at home it is recommended that a blender and small basic food processor (which can process nuts) are purchased. All the attachments, many processors are supplied with, are not necessary.
· This will be an all-inclusive class with plenty of discussion and it is hoped all will participate in giving their stories of good and bad past experiences with cooking, reasons for enrolling in the class, etc.
· It would be appreciated if food brought into class is of a plant-based nature, in keeping with the course theme.

Tutor: Rae Le Serve
Duration: 8 weeks fortnightly (odd weeks of the semester)
Start Date: 15th February 2023
Day & Time: Wednesday 9.45 – 11.45 AM

Crèche: The crèche is available to full-time class members. We advise that you enrol your child in the crèche before adding this course to your cart, to ensure there is a space for them. Click on this link to enrol your child: Crèche Registration Wednesday AM – Semester 1 – Kalamunda Community Learning Centre (kalamundalearningcentre.org.au)

Rae Le Serve

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