Crime, Justice, Punishment and Public Administration – Semester 1


Enrolments for semester 2, 2021 are now closed. Online enrolments for semester 1 2022 will open 9.30am Tuesday 1st February and close 2pm Tuesday 8th February. In-person enrolments will be open 9.30am - 2pm 1st - 4th February 2022.

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Description: Crime is a contentious matter in our community. This course sets out to get people to think about crime, and how we deal with it, in a broad perspective. In wide-ranging discussion students will be encouraged to think about what sorts of conduct should be covered by the criminal law, how crime can be prevented and controlled, what sorts of punishment are effective, and how society can balance these matters in just and equitable ways. (There are no casual positions available for this course.)

Tutor: Richard Harding
Duration: 16 weeks (subject to COVID restrictions)
Start Date: 15th February 2022
Day & time: Tuesday 9.45 – 11.45

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