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Centre Talk

28 April 2024

Dates for your diary
Friday 10 May - The Centre Presents Special Talk
Monday 13 May - Fundraising Morning Tea
Friday 24 May - Centre Lunch
Monday 3 June - Public Holiday
Friday 7 June - Annual General Meeting
Friday 14 June - Last Day of Term 2

May happenings...

May is almost here with some interesting activities lining up. We visit Mongolia in The Centre Presents Special Talk. Our new Fund Raising Committee will hold its first Morning Tea for all members and is asking for some assistance. The ever popular Centre Lunch is happening again as well as all the usual activities so there's not a dull moment! See all the details below.
Val, Editor

From the Executive...

Welcome back. It was so good to see so many smiling faces last week as people came back from the Easter break. We have had a couple of new classes start which people are really enjoying and a couple that were supposed to be only one term but were so popular that they were extended into a whole semester.

Regarding fire drills, they were a great success with the fastest being Friday afternoon. Admittedly there were fewer people and a lot of them had already done about three drills already, but in 2.54 seconds they narrowly beat Friday AM at 3.05 and Monday AM was way up there too. Apart from Tuesday PM, which has a huge class of SYHO, all the drills were under 4 minutes. A far cry from the 'Olden Days' of over 6 minutes.

Would you like to be a Work Group leader? This is an easy job as all you need to do is keep an eye on the people who have volunteered to do the tasks in your area. For instance, I am Work Group Leader for the Containers for Change and I just have to make sure that the volunteers know where to go to dispose of the cans and bottles and have the correct code to give out. I sometimes take them down myself as I enjoy the experience and feel I am doing something for the environment as well as the Centre. Remember, that as a Work Group Leader you are rewarded by being invited to the sensational Thank You Dinner.

A little bit of housekeeping - If you park in a Disabled Bay, you must display your permit clearly otherwise the City Ranger can fine you. It has been noticed that people are parking there without the permit. Whether they are disabled or not, we are not sure.

Annual General Meeting

As you know we have our AGM on the 7th of June 2024. If you need to submit a proposal then it must be sent in to our Secretary, Angela Corfe, by 10th May and the same for any other matters you need to raise as a Resolution.

Be aware that you will not be given a job at the AGM. This is a meeting for all Work Group Leaders to report on how their area is getting on and to learn about how the Centre works.

Your Coordinators, Bridget with Annie and Anne-Marie

Fundraising Morning Tea...

When: Monday 13 May at 10.30am
Where: KCLC foyer area
Admission: $5 per person to be paid at Reception
All Members are welcome!!
Our newly formed Fundraising Committee is holding a Morning Tea right after Mother's Day. All members are welcome. Come along and enjoy some wonderful company with tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes provided (hopefully) by members who haven't yet signed up for a workgroup. There will also be a raffle running for that whole week with prizes of baskets of chocolates and other nice things.

Donations of prizes will be very welcome. If you are able to help with any of the above, please see Mary in the Centre's Office, call her on 9293 2977 or send her an email.
Join us for 'My Mongolian Adventures' presented by Joan Rosen on Friday 10 May at 12.45pm, as part of The Centre Presents Speaker Series.

Join KCLC member, Joan Rosen, as she shares her experiences of Mongolia where, in 2006, she spent five months in Darkhan teaching pupils, aged 7 to 70 years, English and Music.

Joan has donated much needed items to the children there and in 2018, she returned to Ulaanbaatar for two weeks assisting in a Christian school and providing health assistance to her adopted Mongolian daughter.
Joan will take you on a special journey through her insights into the Mongolian way of life.

Members and non members are welcome to attend this event.

Cost: $5 (including afternoon tea) to be paid at Kalamunda Community Learning Centre reception to confirm attendance.
Booking deadline: Wednesday 8 May unless booked out prior.
Venue: Kalamunda Community Centre Hall.
All Kalamunda Community Learning Centre members are invited to the 2024 Annual General Meeting at 12 noon on Friday 7 June 2024 in the Kalamunda Community Centre Main Hall.

The Nomination Form, for a position on the Executive, has been emailed to members and is also available from Reception. Completed forms should be returned by Friday 10 May either by email to kclc@kclc.org.au or to Reception.

The positions are for:
> Principal Coordinator
> Coordinators (two positions)
> Secretary
> Treasurer
> Ordinary Committee Member *(four positions)
*Currently three Ordinary Committee members hold positions as Registrar, Programmer and WHS Officer.

Agenda and names of nominees will be available from Friday 17 May.

The Appointment of Proxy Form, available from Reception, should be received electronically by the KCLC Secretary at least 24 hours before the meeting time or delivered by hand prior to the start of the meeting.

As specified in our Constitution, KCLC can only consider matters at the forthcoming AGM that have been circulated, as a proposed resolution, to all members 21 days prior to the meeting. Accordingly, any member who wishes to propose a resolution at our next AGM must send it in writing to the Secretary no later than Friday 10 May, 2024.

Remember this is your community learning centre and your input is important to us.

Display Cabinet...

Oil Painting Workshop

This workshop is populated by some very talented and experienced artists.

Under the guidance of their wonderful tutor, Wendy Salter, they meet on Friday mornings to share their passion and expertise. They then continue to paint independently in the afternoon making it a whole day workshop.

Class News...

Italian Intermediate

There's a lot of chat on Thursdays in the Italian class, whether about the books we enjoy, about a major music festival in San Remo which is reputedly a forerunner to Eurovision, or just how to be appropriately polite when ordering a coffee with or for friends. Then it's down to basics, understanding and getting to grips with grammatical structures. Perhaps not everyone finds pronouns and verbs beautiful, but they are and are valued in the Italian language, if less so in ours! The number of students who return to the class year after year, is a testament to the appreciation of our excellent teacher, Elena.


Water Colour Group

Here is a snapshot of our happy Tuesday Afternoon Watercolour Group. We have six new members. We can either follow a week by week course directive compiled by Mavis, our very knowledgeable tutor, or do our own thing. Very chatty and easy going group.


In Other News...

Attention Book Lovers

If you haven't found the Book Room at St Barnabas Opportunity Shop yet, it's time for a visit. They always did have a good selection of second hand books, but they now have an entire room. The room is chock-a-block with all types of novels and a huge collection of non-fiction.
I met the wonderful Glenda there as she was shuffling books across and down shelves to make place for more A's and more J's. Although she says she is not a librarian by training, I'm sure she has the heart of one and she keeps the alphabetical order admirably. She knows her book stock and is happy to fossick for special requests and to recommend further reading.

So, at a very reasonable price, you can top up that pile of books on your bedside table and ease your abibliophobia.

Paint Supplies

I have a selection of Oil, Acrylic and Watercolour paints and some Pastels and pastel paper for sale and/or donation, depending on the quality. I also have easels and other bits and pieces available.

Please contact me by phone 0429 642 828 or email clark22@iinet.net.au if you are interested and I can give you more details.



A small man was quietly sipping a beer in a pub when a large man approached him and hit him hard. The large man said, "That's Kung Fu from China".

The little man was too stunned to speak.

Then a few minutes later while the little man was still recovering, the large man approached him and whacked him again saying, "That's Judo from Japan".

The little man was astonished. After a while he left the bar and some time later returned. He went up to the large man who was still drinking at the bar and gave him a whack on the head knocking him out.

The little man said to the bartender, "When he wakes up tell him, that was a shovel from Bunnings".


  1. Which African country is completely contained within South Africa?
  2. What is the name of the famous passenger train that runs between Adelaide and Darwin?
  3. How many stars appear on the Australian flag?
  4. What galaxy is our solar system located in?
  5. Is a young llama called a bria, a cria or a dria?
Send your answers to:

Everyone who submits correct answers during the Semester will go into a draw for the Mystery Prize.

Answers to the last Quiz:
  1. 17 bags
  2. 3 bags of flour
The winners were:
Beverley S., Nina S., Evelyn R., Janelle MacG., Robyn M., Jenny L., Faye S., Geoff Z., Mal B.
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