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** Special Enrolment Edition **

Dates for your diary
Tue 16 to Tue 23 July - Online Enrolments
Tue 16 to Fri 19 July - In-person Enrolments
Monday 29 July - Classes commence

Welcome to Semester Two 2024...

Welcome to the special Enrolment Edition of Centre Talk with all the information you'll need to know to be able to successfully enrol in a class at Kalamunda Community Learning Centre in Semester Two 2024...

Enrolment Dates...

Online enrolments open:

9.30am Tuesday 16 July until 12.00pm Tuesday 23 July.

Before adding courses to your cart, we advise that you first log in with your Username and Password. Community Membership 2024 will only need to be added to your cart if you have not yet registered for it. Membership is for the calendar year.

If you do not yet have a user account, you will be prompted to create one before you can proceed. The Community Membership will be automatically added to your cart and then you can add your courses of choice. When you get to the checkout you will need to complete your contact details.

In-person enrolments available:

Tuesday 16 July to Friday 19 July from 9.30am to 2.00pm at the Kalamunda Community Centre for those needing assistance with the enrolment process. In-person enrolments will NOT be accepted during Admin Week (22 – 26 July).

We strongly encourage members to enrol themselves online, if possible, to avoid congestion and the queue at the Centre on Tuesday morning.

Late enrolments:

Enrolments must be made during the formal enrolment period. In-person enrolments will not be accepted in Admin Week (22 – 26 July) or the first two weeks of the Semester. Late enrolments will be accepted from week three providing there are vacancies and the tutor accepts late enrolments. Full course fees will be applied. In exceptional circumstances, a late enrolment might be accepted during the first two weeks: these must be approved by the coordinator on duty and will incur a $10 administration fee.

Postal Enrolments:

Postal enrolments are available for those who will be unable to enrol online or in-person during enrolment week. Please note that online enrolments can be made wherever there is an internet connection; we often have members enrolling while overseas on holiday (paying via bank transfer).

Postal enrolments must be received at least four days before enrolments open with payment via cheque or direct deposit. They will be processed by the end of the first day of enrolments. We cannot guarantee a placement in the course. If there are no vacancies in the course, applicants will be informed and a refund will be arranged. A copy of the postal enrolment form can be downloaded from our website.

Casual Enrolments:

Members who enrol as casual class members will pay a course fee of $30. This entitles these members to three casual tickets which can be collected at the Reception Desk once courses commence. Further casual tickets can then be purchased as needed from the Reception Desk throughout the semester.

Timetable and Programme...

Please click here to view the Semester Two 2024 Timetable.

Please click here to view the Semester Two 2024 Programme.

You can also use the search functions on the KCLC's website homepage to find the courses that will be on offer in Semester Two 2024.

What’s new in Semester Two 2024...

Tuesday AM
Introduction to Microsoft Excel (term 4) – Mike Barlow
Plate Tectonics (term 3) – Nigel Radford

Tuesday PM
Discussing European History – Tom Austen
Presentation Skills Workshop (term 4) – Herb Munks

Wednesday PM
Drawing (replacing Life Drawing) – David Thornton

Thursday AM
In Sickness and In Health (moved from Monday PM) – Dr Sue Caddy

Thursday PM
Basic Breadmaking (term 4) – Kay Aram
Magic – Steve Keeling
Writing Poetry for Beginners – Geoffrey Lilburne

Friday AM
The Fall of Napoleon & the Aftermath (term 3) – Elton Brown
The Stuart Dynasty at Home & Away (term 4) – Elton Brown

Friday PM
Handy Persons – John Paskulich (a full semester course)

Enrolment Tips...

Due to the popularity of our courses, the website often becomes jammed in the first half an hour of enrolments opening. The hints below might save you some frustration and disappointment.
  • Log in to the website before Tuesday 16 July to ensure your Username and Password are correct.
    1. If you have forgotten your password, select ‘Lost your password?’ and you will be sent an email to reset it.
    2. If you have changed your email account, please advise us of the change via RollsAdmin@kclc.org.au before Tuesday 16 July. This will make the enrolment process for you and us easier as your address needs to be changed in several places.
    3. Check out the course details and requirements. Scroll to ‘Further Details’ for comments regarding the availability of the creche for that course, links to requirement lists and tutor introductions.
  • If for the course you are re-enrolling in, preference is being given to continuing class members there is no need to enrol during the initial rush. We recommend you enrol by the end of Wednesday 17 July as vacancies after this time may be made available to new class members who fit the criteria.
  • If your order stalls and you receive a timed-out message, check the status of your order before creating a new one:
    1. Check the Cart – if the courses are still in the cart, resubmit the order.
    2. Check the order status - If the courses are not in the cart, you can check the status of your order by selecting ‘My Account’ from the top toolbar and then ‘My Orders’ from the sidebar. Your order should be at the top of the list and will indicate either Processing (if you selected cash, cheque or card reader), On Hold (if you chose direct deposit), Completed (if you paid via card) or Pending Payment (if your card payment failed – see point 3 below). All these statuses mean we have received your order. The Processing and On Hold orders will be completed once we have verified payment.
    3. If your order is Pending Payment, select the ‘Pay’ option and you can resubmit it by re-entering your card details or select Card Reader instead and come into the Centre to pay by card before the end of enrolment week (pending payment orders will only be held for 24 hours).
  • Once you have successfully submitted an order you will receive a message on the screen: 'Thank you. Your order has been received' and an email notification. If you do not receive these, your order has not been received. The most common reason for this is a failed card payment. You can pay for the order as described in point 3 above.
  • There are four ‘clicks’ to register for your workgroup:
    1. Click 'Workgroup Sign Up' on the top toolbar.
    2. Click 'View & Sign up' – this takes you to details of the task.
    3. Click 'Sign up' – this takes you to your details. Please check these and amend your email address if needed (this can be a shared email)
    4. Click 'Sign me up!' - this completes your registration. You should then receive an email confirming your registration. If you don’t receive an email confirmation of your Workgroup Sign-Up, the process was not completed – many members miss the final step!

Payment Options...

During enrolment week (16 - 19 July), the following payment options will be available:
  • Credit card (online payment) – Australian Visa and Mastercard cards only. This option will also be available until 12pm Tuesday 23 July.
    NB: Due to tightened internet security measures we can no longer accept card payments from overseas. If you are submitting an order while holidaying overseas, you will need to pay via Direct Deposit (i.e. Bank Transfer).
  • Cash or cheque - These must be paid in person at the Centre by 2pm Friday 19 July.
  • Card Reader – Members must pay with their card at the Centre by 2pm Friday 19 July.
  • Direct Deposit – The bank transfer must be received by 2pm Friday 19 July. Please send an email to registrar@kclc.org.au informing us when this has been arranged so we can verify payment and complete your enrolment.


Part of the success of Kalamunda Community Learning Centre is due to the volunteering undertaken by every single one of our members. Every member who enrols as a full-time class member has to also enrol in a workgroup.

As our membership has grown over the years, smaller jobs have been created so there is something for everyone to help with. Each small task is essential to the smooth running of the Centre and helps to keep costs down. Some workgroups are now OPEN on the website and you can get in early to register your commitment.

If you would like to fulfil your workgroup obligation before classes even start, we would appreciate your assistance during Enrolment or Admin Week (assistance is needed Monday 15 July to Friday 19 July and Wednesday 24 July). To assist with morning teas and lunches, please click here. To assist with setting up, directing members and general support, please click here.

Please click here to view other current vacancies (all vacancies will open prior to enrolment).

There are also several Leadership positions open as listed on our website. If you would like to help with any job in the office, become a Workgroup Leader or a Trainee Leader please contact Annie O'Malley or Pam McLennan by emailing workgroups@kclc.org.au or have a chat to Annie or Pam at the Centre during Enrolment Week.
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