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3 December 2023

Dates for your diary
8, 11, 15, 18, 22 & 25 Jan - Summer in the Centre
Tue 30 Jan to Tue 6 Feb - Online Enrolments
Tue 30 Jan to Fri 2 Feb - In-person Enrolments
Monday 12 February - Classes begin

A Very Happy Holiday Season from Centre Talk

There is a very supportive team making Centre Talk what it is, apart from my task of compiling and editing. Thanks to Caroline, our Website Editor and IT Wizard. Caroline co-edits, designs the posters and prepares the Facebook page and much more, so that what you see is the polished article. Thanks also to our proof readers, Bridget, Sally and Annie and to Elie and the Photography Group and all who have contributed articles and photos throughout the year.

Read on to see Enrolment updates, news from the Executive including the Tutors' Thank You Dinner with photos (find your tutor), winner of the Semester Two Quiz Mystery Prize and much more. Maybe we’ll meet up at ‘Summer in the Centre’ in January! See details below.

Val, Editor

From the Executive...

This year has gone by so quickly. Here we are nearly at Christmas and we feel as though we have just put away the dinosaurs from last year.

We had an amazing Thank You Dinner on Thursday 23, organised by Rosemary Hamersley along with her committee, Mary, Margaret and Bridget. Margaret Pavlinovich had the kitchen and all the willing helpers under control so everything went really smoothly. Our theme was air travel. We were entertained by a little Aircraft Safety talk with Rosemary acting out the instructions with great gusto. There were also three stories read out by the Creative Writing class which were funny, spellbinding and really interesting. Nobody moved a muscle during the recital which goes to show how good the stories were.

Debra Parkins, the Creche Supervisor, is going on long service leave and will not be back until the second Semester. Her job will be taken over by Sally and Nina who, I know, will continue to maintain the very high standard that the Creche is known for.

We were thrilled with the response to the tea towel request and now have enough to last for many years. Thank you to all those who so kindly donated them.

I suspect that Enrolment will come up all too soon if the last year is anything to go by. We look forward to seeing you there, or before at Summer in the Centre which starts on the 8th January.

Lastly a huge thank you to all the amazing people who put in such a lot of hard work to keep the Centre running smoothly and efficiently. To the work group leaders, the tutors, the office people, catering people and all the volunteers who offer their help without question, thank you so much. Without people like you, the Centre would grind to a halt.

We hope you all have a Merry (and not too hot) Christmas and that the New Year will be a great one.

Your coordinators, Bridget with Annie and Anne-Marie

(A heartfelt thank you to our wonderful coordinators who have worked so tirelessly throughout 2023. Ed.)

Merry Christmas from your Coordinators

Thank you all for your support during the year.

We hope you all have a lovely Christmas and look forward to seeing you back in the Centre in 2024!

(Unfortunately Annie has been away sick this week and missed the photo so floated in as our Christmas angel.)

General Meeting minutes and By-laws...

The minutes from the General Meeting held on Friday, 17 November, can be found by clicking here. Thank you to all those who attended. A copy of the new By-laws that were endorsed at the meeting can be found by clicking here.

Important Enrolment Dates for 2024...

Online enrolments will open at 9.30am on Tuesday 30 January until 12.00pm Tuesday 6 February.

In-person assisted enrolments will open Tuesday 30 January to Friday 2 February from 9.30am to 2.00pm at the Kalamunda Community Centre.

Members who will be unable to enrol online or in person during the enrolment period, may submit a Postal Enrolment Form. These must be received at least four days before enrolments open. A copy of the form can be downloaded from our website.

Workgroup registrations will open on Saturday 20 January.

The Special Enrolment edition of Centre Talk will be issued on Sunday 14 January. Keep an eye out for this to see any changes to the programme and tips to assist your enrolment.

Classes commence Monday 12 February.


There have been some changes to the programme since it was last published in Centre Talk, so please check out the programme links below.

Addendum from previous Centre Talk issue
The programme is liable to change up until enrolments open, so please check out the site prior to the 30 January:
  • Bold and Brave Speaking Group, Tutor, Mary Rice – this should have been listed for Friday AM (not Monday AM).
  • Breadmaking Refresher Course – this has unfortunately been cancelled for Semester One.
  • French Intermediate – We are now pleased to offer this course with Jeannette Gough as the tutor, Monday AM.


If you have changed your email address since you last logged onto the website and haven’t yet notified us, please contact Sally at RollsAdmin@kclc.org.au. This will make the enrolment process much simpler for you and us as your address needs to be updated in several places. If you know of a member who has recently changed email address, please forward this Centre Talk issue to them. Thank you.

Bronwyn, Assistant Registrar

2024 Programme links...

Please click here to view the Semester One 2024 Timetable.

Please click here to view the Semester One 2024 Programme.

You can also use the search functions on the KCLC's website homepage to find the courses that will be on offer in Semester One 2024.

Retiring Tutors 2022/23...

We farewelled a number of our retiring tutors at the Thank You Dinner. These people have provided outstanding service to the Centre over many years. Thanks for your willingness to share your enthusiasm, skills and expertise with our members. Our best wishes to you all.
  • Suzanne Poulinet (French Conversation)
  • Robert Poulinet (French Intermediate)
  • Fran Bolland (Scrap to Sculpture)
  • Fleur Reed (Knitting & Crochet)
  • Anne Bell (Embroidery for Pleasure now called Needles and Pins)
  • Hermann Sandercock (Table Tennis)
  • Fadwa Abdallah (Silversmithing and Middle Eastern Cooking)
  • Dina Lambert (Watercolour is Therapy)
  • Jeanette Woods (The Stuarts)
  • Helen English (Beginner Mosaics)
  • Linda O'Toole (Patchwork)
  • Lyn Bevan (Cryptic Crosswords Beginners & Cryptic Crossword Club plus involvement at the Centre since it started!)
  • Marion Johnson (Yoga)
Margaret, Programmer

The Display Cabinet...

Kids of the Crèche

With the lead up to Christmas, the crèche's future Frida Kahlos, Pablo Picassos, Claude Monets and Michelangelos put their fine motor skills to the test making Christmas chains, bauble paintings, paper wreaths and curtain hoop decorations with every artist's favourite medium being put to good use…GLITTER!
For months to come, traces of the Crèche's Christmas cheer will glimmer throughout the Centre. A few of the Father’s Day canvas art works made their way into the Display Cabinet as well, which we’re sure gave Dads 'a smile on their dial' back in September and to quote on quote The Castle, “went straight to the pool room”.


By all accounts the children had a great time at the Crèche's end of year party!

Class News...

Book Club 4

Under the friendly, patient and capable leadership of Jenny Carrick, Book Club 4 had a great year reading through twelve very different books.
We ended the year at the Learning Centre with a lovely dinner, with some festive trimmings. The evening concluded with us discussing which of the twelve books were our favourites and why. With such different tastes, there was, understandably, not really a conclusive winner!


Summer in the Centre...

Summer in the Centre is back this January!

Join us for Summer in the Centre running every Monday and Thursday from 9.30am to 12pm from Monday 8 January until Thursday 25 January 2024.

You can bring in your knitting, sewing, craftwork, painting, games, reading or laptop etc., or even just yourself to enjoy the company. We will have air conditioned rooms available for members to use.

Tea and coffee will be provided and the cost is just $5 per person for each session. Booking is not required (please just bring in the exact money in cash as we will have limited change available).

Unfortunately no creche facilities will be available for these sessions.


With all the advances in modern medicine, a 67-year-old friend of mine was able to give birth. When she was discharged from the hospital and went home, I paid a visit.
"May I see the new baby?" I asked.
"Not yet", she said. "I'll make coffee and we can chat first."
Half an hour passed, and I asked, "May I see the bub now?"
"No, not yet", she said.
After another while, I asked again, "May I see the baby now?"
"No, not yet", replied my friend.
Growing very impatient, I asked, "Well, when can I see the baby?"
When he cries!" she said.
"When he cries?" I said. "Why?"
Winner of the Semester Two Quiz Mystery Prize was Wendy H (pictured). Congratulations Wendy and thanks to all who entered during this Semester. Get ready for some more brain teasers in 2024!
Answers to the last quiz:
1. A pair of pants
2. A cut above the rest
3. A walk in the park
4. Banana split
5. Blanket
6. Crossfire
7. Downpour
8. Free for all
Congratulations to the winner, Mal B. Although no one got all 8 right, Mal was closest within the time frame and was entered into the draw for the Semester Two Mystery Prize.
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