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Centre Talk

24 March 2024

Dates for your diary
Thursday 28 March - Last day of Term 1
Monday 15 April - Term 2 commences
Thursday 25 April - Public Holiday
Friday 24 May - Centre Lunch
Monday 3 June - Public Holiday
Friday 7 June - Annual General Meeting

Time for a break...

Thanks to all who sent in 'Class News', so many that they are queued up to include as space permits. This time we're invited into the worlds of Watercolour and Calligraphy. Enjoy the lovely weather as we take a break and remember, there's still time to enrol in the few vacancies left for Term 2.
Val, Editor
March General Meeting
Centre Lunch

From the Executive...

I cannot believe that this is the last Centre Talk for the term. It seems to have flown past so quickly. As everyone will remember, this term is only 7 weeks and next term is 9 weeks, therefore making up the full 16 week Semester. This was arranged due to Easter being so early this year. Next year will be back to the normal 8 week/4 term year.

The General Meeting was very well attended and reports from all the various sectors of the Centre were read out. We would really like more people to come to these meetings as this is where you hear how all the background of the Centre works.

Please keep in mind that there are quite a few of the Executive retiring this year due to having slaved away to keep you all informed, organised and helped, not to mention they have all been around for many years in their roles. They feel it is time to step down to let some new blood into the organisation. We would love you to come to us and discuss what each position involves.

For those who didn't attend the Centre Luncheon, you missed a really good meal with home made soups and a huge array of delicacies. Zoe and Michelle excelled themselves along with their hard working but very cheerful team. Thank you so much.

I hope you have noticed our very fine banners that have appeared at the Centre. Fellow Coordinator, Anne-Marie, and our Grants Officer, Brian, applied to the City of Kalamunda for a grant to buy two pop-up banners and two teardrop banners. These will be on display whenever there is an occasion to advertise our fabulous Kalamunda Community Learning Centre.

I don't want you to get too excited, but we will be holding Fire Drills in the second week of term, weather permitting. We will come around to the classes in the week before to remind you of the action you need to take to execute the drills quickly and efficiently.

We hope you have a great Easter and if you plan to go away somewhere, that the traffic will not be horrendous and you will come back refreshed and ready for Term 2.

Your Coordinators, Bridget with Annie and Anne-Marie

Retirement - Mary Jensen

Mary Jensen, the Desk Receptionist on Wednesday mornings, decided it was now time to look after her health and did not return to her desk duty this year. We thank her very much for her contribution over the many years she was the Wednesday morning 'Desk Lady'. Mary has a lovely personality and could deal with any problems that arose.


Term 2 Course Enrolments...

Term 2 Continuing Courses on Special!

We have limited places available at a discounted fee for Term 2 in many continuing courses that are not currently full. Please check out the website to see which ones are available for a Term 2 start. To enrol in these, please visit the Reception Desk this week.

Courses commencing Term 2

The following courses will commence in Term 2 and are now available for members to enrol in online:
Bronwyn, Assistant Registrar

Volunteers needed...

Please don't forget that we are seeking willing people to carry out the pleasant and rewarding jobs of Coordinator, Programmer, Secretary, Work Group Leader and Creche Volunteers.

Katherine has been very pleased with the Creche volunteers who are not necessarily the children's mothers, but possibly other children's grandmothers. This is great, but we would love to have some more so the load can be spread out. We will have three young babies who may need to be carried around or they may just sleep for all of the two hours in the Creche. Remember that the Centre will pay for your 'Working with Children' permit.

Bridget, Coordinator

In Memoriam...

Angie Lancaster
Sadly just two weeks ago tomorrow, Angie Lancaster passed away. Angie was our regular Tuesday Afternoon Desk Receptionist up until the end of last year. Angie enjoyed being a member of her Wednesday evening Book Club as well as having previously participated in Tai Chi, History of Kalamunda, Italian, and for the last few years, the Cryptic Crossword Beginners' Class. Angie was a lovely person who always had a smile on her face and will be very much missed by those members with whom she came into contact or who knew her.

Display Cabinet...

Botanical Dyeing

This course covers the amazing ability of botanicals to dye natural fibres and paper once heat is applied in an ecofriendly way.

With Rosemary's expertise as tutor, the class is encouraged to turn these pieces into artworks.

Class News...

Averil's 'Wishy Washy'

Averil, one of our talented tutors in Watercolour Workshop (Monday AM), held a tutorial on techniques and materials last week. We were all enlightened by Averil imparting her knowledge of how using a brush loaded with water and paint achieves several different lines, effects and blending of colours. She then used wax, feathers, sticks and inks to show how to add texture.

Even though it took us out of our comfort zone, fun was had by all. So much so that nobody was in a hurry to stop for afternoon tea! Thank you Averil.


Calligraphy Skills and Projects

This Semester, the Calligraphy Skills and Project class has reached back to ancient times, to work on the Roman or Trajan hand that was honed into ancient monuments using chisels and hammer instead of pen and ink in the second century AD. This hand has not been visited by the group since 2016 so most of us were very rusty. Now that we have reconnected, however, and are aware of the rules, we are experimenting with breaking them. This involves being creative and compressing or extending the letters, applying weighting to some sections of a letter and experimenting with spacing, size and colour.
Our wonderful teacher, Janelle, has challenged us all to try to do something we have never done before in our work. Our projects for this semester focus on "The Alphabet" and/or a Calligram. It will be interesting to see our individual interpretations of these in the Display Cabinet later in the year.


Lost Property...

Some items that you might be missing have accumulated in our Lost Property during Term 1.
They are:
  • Grey Jumper
  • Glasses on their own
  • Glasses with case
  • Sunglasses
Please come to the Reception Desk to claim any of your lost items.



A police officer pulls over a speeding car. The officer says, "You're 20km over the 100km speed limit".
The male driver replies, "Officer I had it on cruise control at 100. Perhaps your radar gun needs checking".
The driver's wife says, "Darling, you know that this car doesn't have cruise control".
"Shut up Nancy", snaps the driver as the officer writes a ticket. As he hands the ticket to the driver, he says, "You're not wearing your seat belt. That's a $50 fine", and writes another ticket.
"But officer I took it off when you stopped me, so that I could get my licence from my back pocket."
Nancy says, "Darling, you never wear your seat belt when driving".
The driver is furious and shouts, "Nancy shut up!" as the police officer writes the third ticket.
The officer asks the woman, "Madam does your husband always speak to you like that?".
"Only when he's been drinking."


Each row contains chunks of a single word. Place them in the right order to reveal all five words.
  1. RY OR NA DI
  2. IM IS PR ON
  4. RD HA ED ZA
Send your answers to:

Everyone who submits correct answers during the Semester will go into a draw for the Mystery Prize.

Answers to the last Quiz:
There were multiple answers to questions in the last Quiz (10 March). Where members submitted more than one solution, we have listed those that qualified below:
  1. Abdomen, badman, Bodmin
  2. Umpire, moper, ampere
  3. Karate, kart, karat
  4. Edible, double, audible, doable
  5. Panorama
  6. Facial, focal, faecal, facile
The winners were: Beverley Shaw, Janelle Macgregor, Mal Butler, John Bennett and Cherie Reffell.
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