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Centre Talk

25 February 2024

Dates for your diary
Friday 8 March - The Centre Presents Special Talk
Friday 15 March - Centre Lunch
Friday 22 March - General Meeting

We're well under way!

The Centre is buzzing with life again with lots to keep everyone entertained. Still have some spare time? Check out the list of courses below that have vacancies.

The Writing Groups have combined in this issue to show us their achievements, so don’t miss their Display Cabinet item.

The Quiz is back and a new Mystery Prize will go to the lucky winner at the end of Semester One. Make sure you scroll right down to the end of Centre Talk where you can test your brainpower.

Many thanks to the family of the late Mary Hutchison. Her donated art materials went to several classes at the Centre and have been received with fond memories.

Val, Editor

From the Executive...

Welcome back! I, for one, really enjoyed coming back to the Centre because the air-conditioning was so good. Getting into the car to go home was not so good though. Hopefully now, with a bit of rain and Autumn just around the corner, things will cool down a bit.

We hope you are all enjoying your classes. It was lovely to see so many smiling faces when we came around to welcome you back for 2024. We are sorry that there was so much housekeeping to read out, but with Work Health and Safety as well as the organisation being so large, we have to comply with all the rules and regulations that are thrust upon us.

The report from the Registrar's team is that we currently have 702 members of which 69 are tutors. This is good news and we are almost at capacity. We are, though, able to use the Creche as a classroom on a couple of occasions during the week when it is not being used for children.

We are having a little trouble with the Reception phone. Our IT 'wizard', David, is currently trying to solve the problem and asks callers to speak clearly, loudly and into the mouthpiece of the phone. Hopefully the problem will be sorted soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you over the next few weeks. If you have any problems, then please come to see us rather than just mulling and muttering over it. We do try to solve as many problems as possible though there are some that are just beyond even us.

Your Coordinators, Bridget with Annie and Anne-Marie


Despite the frustrating upset we experienced at the beginning of enrolments, the remainder of the week ran smoothly. We now have 702 members enrolled and have welcomed 102 new members to the Centre.

Many of our courses are now full but we do have limited vacancies in the following:
· Afternoon Singalong (Fri PM) This course can be enrolled in online
· Book Clubs
· Chess Beginners to Advanced (Mon PM)
· Classical Guitar (Thu PM)
· Cryptic Crosswords Club (Wed PM)
· French Continuing (Fri PM)
· Games Club (Mon PM)
· In Sickness and In Health: How Our Body Works (Mon PM)
· Mosaics Workshop (Fri AM)
· Oil Painting Workshop (Fri AM)
· Oil Painting Workshop (Fri PM)
· Painting Workshop (Wed AM)
· Painting Workshop (Wed PM)
· Patchwork (Thu PM)
· Philosophy Circle (Thu AM)
· Table Tennis (Thu PM)
· Tai Chi Continuing (Tue AM)
· Teddy Bear Circle (Mon AM)
· That Was the Week That Was (Fri PM)
· Ukulele Fun for Absolute Beginners and Friends (Wed AM)
· Writing Creatively (Mon AM)

Please check out the website for course details and come in to the Centre to enrol. Full course fees will be charged.

Bronwyn, Assistant Registrar
Please don't forget there are three Executive positions that become vacant at the AGM in June. Angela, who has been our brilliant and efficient Secretary for many years, has decided to step down but is willing to give the next Secretary lots of help and advice. Margaret, our Programmer who has also decided to have a break, will do the same. She very ably sorted out all the classes as we moved into the new building three years ago, which must have been a nightmare as we had no access to the building until just before starting.

The third position is myself as Coordinator. I have stayed on for many years over my allotted time of three years mainly for consistency over the build and move, as did Ian Tarling and Stephanie Tonks. As I was the most junior, I stayed on an extra year. I would like to say that I have worked very hard over the few years as Coordinator, but that would not be entirely true. Mary, Office Manager; Bronwyn, Assistant Registrar and Sally who manages the handbooks and coupons, have made things very easy. So if you decide to volunteer as Coordinator, then you will have a lot of help and the backup of two experienced Coordinators.

The other vital position that is becoming vacant is that of the Work Group Leader which Pam has run brilliantly, smoothly and seemingly effortlessly for years. This is a great job and very rewarding, especially as you meet so many people and keep the Centre running smoothly and efficiently.

We do hope you will consider volunteering.

Bridget, Coordinator

Centre Lunch...

The next Centre Lunch is on Friday 15 March from 11.45am in the Main Hall at Kalamunda Community Centre. All Kalamunda Community Learning Centre members are invited.

No booking is required. Please just come along with a plate of food to share and enjoy catching up with other members over lunch.


Creche News...

Thank you to the seven magnificent members who have volunteered to assist in the Creche this semester. The Creche has experienced a baby bonanza and so the extra help for Sally and Nina in caring for such a young group of children, is very much appreciated.

There are still four Monday mornings in second term (when we will have a full house of eight children) where we are in need of helpers. The dates are 22 April, 6 May, 13 May and 10 June. So, if you do not yet have a Workgroup and you either have, or are willing to get a Working with Children Check (the cost is covered by the Centre), please consider this opportunity for spending some quality time in the Creche. Just see Mary in the Office.

Katherine, Creche Liaison

Display Cabinet...

So, dear readers, how do writers exhibit their works? In the library or bookshop? In your hands as a hardcover or a paperback, or have you embraced an ebook tablet? Are you listening to your audiobooks in the car, or on the sofa under the air-conditioning? This week, our two Creative Writing groups feature their work in the Display Cabinet (opposite our office). There are published books, articles of all kinds and writing prizes won by the members. Whoever knew that such talent was wandering the halls of our Centre and making a morning tea cuppa on a Monday and a Tuesday right next to you...Enjoy!


My Future Care: Advanced Care Planning Special Talk...

We all want to have a say in what happens in the last part of our lives. By making plans that cover our care, lifestyle, health and finances, we work out what we want, as well as making things easier on those around us. This process is called Advance Care Planning.

Join us for the next Centre Presents Speaker Series event on Friday 8 March at 12.45pm, when Palliative Care WA will cover information on what is involved in Advance Care Planning, how to get started, and how to talk with your loved ones about your end-of-life wishes. It is a practical and interactive workshop where you will have the chance to get your questions answered.

Anybody is welcome to attend this free event. Although there is no cost to attend, bookings need to be made at Reception to secure your spot.

Booking deadline is Wednesday 6 March, unless booked out prior.


A man is recovering from surgery when a nurse asks him how he's feeling.
"I'm OK, but I didn't like the four-letter word the doctor used in surgery," he answered.
"Oh dear. What did he say," asked the nurse.
In each set, find the only pair of numbers that add up to another number in that set.

A. 92 65 83 52 42 17 81 72 7
B. 2 81 48 24 17 11 99 36 57

Send your answers to:

Everyone who submits correct answers during the Semester will go into a draw for the Prize.
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